Paper Models

Welcome to my paper models section. Here you will find paper models of various buildings, vehicles and floor plans for use in wargames and role-playing games. The models are presented as PDF files (although some are now JPEG). They are set to standard A4 paper size (which is slightly different to the standard paper size used in the US, but they should still work). Simply Click on the Picture of the Model Section you would like to see. If you have any questions relating to my paper models then please get in touch.
Terms of use for my paper models is here.

Black and red stylish computer case

Dungeon Models

All you need to make floor plans for RPG games. Models include typical fantasy flagstone floors and walls as well as a red brick Victorian cellar version.

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Vehicle Models

Models include a range of 15mm scale Sci-Fi vehicles and some orbital drop pods and ships for smaller scales.

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Small Scale Buildings

Mainly for 6mm gaming the collection contains, Sci-Fi / near future factories, tower blocks and even a modular moonbase.

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Larger Scale Buildings

25/28mm near future buildings, ideal for wargaming or RPG's. Buildings have interiors for extended gameplay.