Making the 2mm Sci-Fi Tanks

Having always liked the look of the infantry combat walkers from Ground Zero Games I decided to make some tanks and other sci-fi vehicles in a scale that would make them look like full size Mechs. I also decided to make them in a Anime/Manga style.

Stage 1 shows the scale I was aiming for while Stage 2 shows the first of the models next to a 6mm tank from GZG. The range of models started with a set of air cushioned vehicles.

I made them out of green stuff and used metal wire for the gun barrels. The air cushion was probably the easiest part to do. I made a series of different sized retangular hulls with sloping sides. Once I had completed the vehicle hull (and let the green stuff set) I placed another blob of green stuff underneath and squashed the hull into it. This took several goes since it was hard to judge the amount of green stuff needed to make an even looking air cushion. It was then just a simple matter of pressing lines into the green stuff forming the air cushion.

Next up I made a dropship and tracked mech. Picture 4 shows the dropship I made. A previous larger dropship master got squashed in the mould making process because I had used a block of green stuff as the main body. Green stuff is a bit like rubber when set and it was just too big a piece. This lesson I would carry for the second set of 2mm vehicles and the 2mm cyber tank. Making the tracked mech was one of the hardest things becasue of the tracks. Trying to get the tracks even for both sides was difficult.

To give yet more idea of scale Stage 5 shows painted examples of the production models next to a ruler. Most of the vehicles ended up from 5mm to 10mm long and about 8mm wide.

And so last but not least I made some 2mm infantry. Stage 6 shows the first greens of the infantry. I came up with a simple method of sculpting the front of the model and when that had cured I stuck it into a round base of green stuff and then sculpted the back of the model. Stage 6 shows (from left to right) regular trooper, missile trooper and heavy machine gun version. The infantry ended up about 4mm tall, call it scale creep if you like but I still got the detail in so you can tell the rocket launcher trooper from the heavy weapons one!

I tried to make the infantry to scale with the vehicles but it just wasn't possible.I did however almost manage it with the infanty being 3mm tall. Stage 7 shows a regular trooper next to the medium hover tank. As you can see from the production versions of the infantry (Stage 8) I mounted them on strips to make it easier to cast them and Stage 9 helps to see the infantry in action.

I will be expanding the range of 2mm miniatures see my work in progress for the scale of things to come!