Making the 6mm Sci-Fi Infantry

So there I was showing the gaming community my first attempt at creating a 6mm Sci-Fi trooper when I got an e-mail from Brigade Models asking if I would produce a complete squad of 6mm Sci-Fi infantry (who says it doesn't pay to advertise ;).

So I said yes and set about sculpting. Brigade Models. then suggested if I created a dolly that they could then cast up. I wouldn't have to start from scratch for each miniature. Great idea, I'd used dollies for some 28mm work but never at this scale. Nor had I actually made a dolly before.

Stage 1 shows what I came up with for the infantry dollies. As you can see I made them humanoid in shape with slightly different poses. I also made them smaller than the intended end size so that I could add the detail on without the miniatures suffering from scale creep!

Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of the dollies being made. But I have recently started looking at creating some 6mm power armoured miniatures and so can show the dolly making process with them. I started by making the base from some previously rolled putty. Slicing it like a loaf of bread to the thickness I wanted. I then drilled two holes and stuck some wire into the base. By joining this wire together at the end (as you can see in stage 2) it created a nice triangle shape which would act as the legs and body of the dolly. I wasn't interested in putting arms on the dolly, those I would sculpt depending on the pose and weapon carried.

So onto the sculpting. Brigade Models had specified they did not want fully armoured troopers with full faced helmets. So I set about making only giving them basic armour, breast plate, shoulder and knee pads. That sort of thing. I also kept the helmets very basic (much like modern day types). Brigade Models also specified the make up of the squad. A leader, basic grunt and support weapons. A rocket launcher and SAW. Stage 3 shows what I came up with for the leader, rocket launcher and flame thrower trooper. The rocket launcher was based on what I had seen modern day troops using rather than some massive Sci-Fi launcher. The flame thrower was fun to make, I kept it simple rather than do pipes running to tanks on the troopers back. I added a tank to the weapon its self.

Onto the rest of the squad and you may have noticed the weapons on some of the miniatures are white. In order to keep the basic infantry rifle looking uniform I made them out of plastic card. I cut up several the same and stuck them to the miniature as I was sculpting. Stage 4 shows the two basic grunts I made. One right handed and the other left. Now where else have you seen that kind of variety ;) For the last miniature, the SAW I made a larger gun and gave it an ammo belt to highlight that it was a support weapon. I always like doing very detailed parts like the ammo belt. But then I'm crazy like that.

So there we have the complete squad. Prior to general release I was sent some samples of my work and couldn't resist painting them up in their own little diorama. I'm biased but I think it came out rather well :) The 6mm infantry are available at Brigade Models.