Putting Together Brigade Models 2mm Walkers

The design I came up with for the 2mm scale walking machines has proven to be popular, but Brigade Models who produce the models and I have been asked a number of times for any tips on how to put the miniatures together. Admittedly they can be a little bit fiddly if you don't know the best way to put them together.

So here are my instructions for building the walking machines. This method takes me about 10 minutes per miniature to put together.

Firstly lay out the miniature parts. As you can see I have already attached the weapon tube to the body of the machine.

Now take a drill that is the same size as the top part of the legs. I actually found the 1.7mm size drill the best. Using the leg mounts (disks) on the underside of the miniature as a guide, drill into the miniature for about 2mm.

You will find that you should still have part of the leg mount surrounding the hole you have just made. If you take out the whole of the leg mount part of the model you are probably using too big a drill. This means the leg might be a bit loose in the hole.

Once you have drilled out each of the leg mount pieces to a depth of around 2mm, you can simply insert each leg. Using a small amount of superglue gives the best results for a permanent fixture.

And just to prove how successful this method can be. Here is the finished tripod walking machine standing up on its own. I haven't used any glue at this point! The same method can be used on the four and five legged versions of the walkers. Hope that helps :) The 2mm walker is available at Brigade Models.