25/28mm Floor Plans

Here are my 'infamous' Dungeon floor plans. These floor plans are the original reason for having a Germy.co.uk website. I made the original set for my Role-playing group and it was suggested I make them available for others to use. The original set were also mention in Dragon magazine. The original set were made by using free textures found on the web. Since then I have created a new set of floor plans using my own artwork, for a fantasy style dungeon and a red brick Victorian style cellar. Click on the picture to download the PDF or ZIP file.

Dungeon Floor Plans

This is a very simple dungeon design that allows you to make any layout you require. You simply cut the walls and floors to any size you need. The design also includes a set of stairs and doors to connect the rooms you create.

Cellar Floor Plans

Exactly the same design as the Fantasy Dungeon only this time made to look like a Victorian red brick cellar.

The Cellar is put together in the same way as the Dungeon.

Original Dungeon Floor Plans

This dungeon was the first paper model I made available on the web. It is a modular system with rooms, corridors, junctions and some dungeon furniture. It even includes a spiral staircase. Originally I made all parts of the dungeon available but now everything you need including instructions are contained in one ZIP file.

Sci-Fi Floor Plans

Sci-fi version of my original dungeon. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the finished version. All of the parts are also together in one ZIP file.